Our approach to drug design

Our design process begins with a detailed analysis of the drug target to select the best suited epitopes.

Utilizing our AI-driven protein design pipeline, we swiftly generate diverse drug candidates while retaining precise control over their drug-properties.

These candidates undergo meticulous validation in our lab, ensuring efficacy, stability, and developability.

Our goal is to present pre-clinical ready drug candidates in a matter of weeks, a significant improvement over the timelines typical in today's drug discovery, which can extend over years.

Target selection
Target analysis
Protein design
Lab validation
Pre-clinical testing

We seamlessly integrate our software and lab stack, encoding every step of drug discovery into our automated platform.

Introducing a groundbreaking synergy between hypothesis-driven engineering, our AI protein design pipeline, and advanced laboratory automation. This seamless integration enables us to dynamically update our platform with the latest and enhanced machine learning models as needed, and conduct laboratory tests on millions of designs in-house. The outcome is the generation of proprietary data that is fed back to optimize the performance of our design pipeline, providing us with an in-depth understanding of how to create drug candidates for diverse target-classes.

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