Generating the right drugs,

We use generative AI to create effective and safe biopharmaceuticals for diseases with unmet need.

We design better protein therapeutics, in a fraction of the time.

We design protein drugs with a sophisticated mechanism of action, including multi-specific inhibition and protein degradation.

With our Epsilico tech-stack, we design and biophysically characterize lead drug candidates, preparing them for pre-clinical testing within weeks.

We focus on hard-to-drug targets that remain elusive for traditional discovery approaches.

We design for hard-to-drug targets, such as GPCRs, specific secreted proteins, ion-channels, and transporter proteins. GPCRs and ion channels alone constitute over 50% of all commercially employed drug targets.

Addressing these hard-to-drug targets remains a significant challenge today due to their limited surface area, high sequence similarity to other proteins or demanding drug-property prerequisites.

Our team develops state of the art geometrical deep learning models to design precision drugs.

Using our geometrical deep learning models, we design the 3D structure of our therapeutic protein that can precisely bind to the selected drug target with high affinity and specificity. Our approach tailors the shapes of these proteins to suit distinct drug-target families and ensures optimal performance in therapeutic applications.

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